Latest Creative Design Trends of 2018

As is commonly said, “everything old once is new again,” and 2018 will be a time of modernizing the old creative design patterns from the past. Hence, the top rated creative design company in Delhi, Brandcats has taken this initiative to get you rid of from the old designs of the recent years. No doubt, minimalism, and simplicity will stick around. However, the past trends make their arrival to the spotlight with updated and refreshed looks.

In case you want to add some flair and make your graphics more trendy and fashionable, look at these five creative design trends that are sure to wow your clients in 2018.

Here are five creative design patterns listed by Brandcats to watch out for in 2018


Digital and interaction designer, Joe Harrison made a trial project called “Responsive Logos” to investigate the making of versatile logos for the world’s highest brands. Companies have been updating their logos into present-day simplified forms in recent years, and responsive logo is the following sensible stage in taking care of the demands of today. It’s been a long time since responsive logo started to reform the web, and from that time, it has turned to be the industry standard. Designers and engineers have begun exploring different avenues to influence designs to adjust to the client’s gadget as a one-website-fits-all solution.


Gradients are making their cutting-edge comeback in the form of a flat-design. This upgrade is a part of a design updated alluded as “flat 2.0” or “semi-flat design.” Their return in iOS and implemented by industry pioneers like Stripe and Instagram have set their notoriety again, and you’ll be seeing them as dynamic UI, branding, backgrounds, illustrations, and overlays.


When referring to gradients, the expression “Color Transitions” is always considered as an extended term. “Color Transition” alludes to the cutting edge application which is lively, smooth and flatter fitting inside flat design aesthetics.


You must have seen them, and it’s safe to state that shadows are formally back in 2018. Similar to gradients, shadows were set aside as we stripped authenticity and skeuomorphism from our designs for extreme moderation and two-dimensional design. Depth has demonstrated that it can fit inside the developing ethos of flat design by enhancing ease of use and straightforwardness, both of which are central standards of flat design. In the later years, you will see shadows turn into a staple of the “semi-flat” design development. We’re as of now observing them being utilized to improve symbols and illustrations, and also websites, app interfaces, and even print designs.


Duotones are generally made through a halftone printing process where one halftone is imprinted over another of a contrasting color, thus creating a two-toned picture. This printing system has discovered new life in online media. Imaging programming has made it easier than ever to develop duotones, and additionally related varieties like monotones, tritones, quadtones and “counterfeit duotones” (tinted pictures).

It’s an exciting time in creative designs. The realistic graphics are being renewed as we see protection from the flat design movement. The models are going to get significantly all the more fascinating as we keep on focusing more on innovation and the singularity of brands and their traffic. With such a large number of old and new styles on the table, it will be a period of taking risks and creating breakthrough designs. Make 2018 the year to release your creativity, and this creative design company will help you in doing that.

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BrandCats gives holistic and comprehensive guidance on the topic that will inevitably turn out to be helpful in the future.

There are a lot of sections to graphic designing of which logo comes first. Having a small organization needs a logo, and that’s when we come in.  A logo makes everyone aware of that particular company.

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Other than the one mentioned above, BrandCats offers a broad spectrum of services under the umbrella of creative design.

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And many more.

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